Below are frequently asked questions about Surc, the case and the application. If you need further assistance, please contact us or check out our Helpful Videos.

General Questions

What is Surc?

Surc is a universal learning remote control for most InfraRed electronic devices. The sleek case connects to your iPhone docking port and uses the companion FREE App from the iTunes App Store to control devices in your home or office—wherever!

Does the Surc case fit the iPhone 4S? What if I have a Verizon version? Or a different mobile phone?

The Surc case fits the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 for both AT&T® and Verizon® and any other provider of iPhone 4/4S. We are currently working on Surc for Android. It works for IOS5 or later.

What if I lose my Mobile Device? Or I have lots of iPhones? Or aliens abduct me and delete all my data? Can I back-up my remotes somewhere?

Breathe easy, my friend. Let us help you help yourself. When you get your Surc case and app, you should register and create an account. Then from your Surc app, go to user settings and back-up your remotes. You can then easily import those remotes again to any Surc app.

Do I need to purchase more than one Surc case if I want to control other rooms?

Only if you really, truly want to. But seriously folks, one Surc is all you need to control your devices. Of course, if you have multiple iPhones, you could buy one for each. Or you could pop off the accessory and attach it to another iPhone. You will, however, need to download the FREE Surc App from the iTunes App Store for each iPhone.

How far away can I be from my electronic device for Surc to work?

Surc has approximately a 15-foot range, but it can be more or less depending on your phone's battery-level and clear line of sight between the Surc case and the targeted device.

Can I still charge my iPhone while using Surc?

Yes you can. The Surc case comes with a Micro-USB cable and port, so you just plug that baby in to Surc and the other end into your charger. No need to remove the case! So simple!

How do I create a remote?

It's super easy. Buy the Surc case and download our handy-dandy App from the iTunes App Store. Set up a room, add your devices, add/remove buttons or pair custom buttons to your existing remotes. Check out the video on pairing remotes.

Can I control a single device or all my devices?

Both. As you add each device, you will see these populate your room. You can also create a Room Remote by editing your Room List, select your Room, then clicking "Room Remote." Here you will be able to create a remote that includes any buttons you desire from all the devices assigned to this room and you can create Combo buttons that control multiple devices by incorporating multiple button actions. The Room Remote will automatically appear first in your list of devices on your remote view.

Can I add a device remote to different rooms I have set up?

Absolutely! Go to edit your Device List, select the device, select Room, then check the rooms your device is in.

What languages does Surc support

Surc currently supports English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

Is there a warranty on Surc?

Yes. Check it out here.


The case seems a little tight when I first put it on?

When you first insert your device into Surc, it will be a little snug. Check out how to insert the case here. After a while it will become much easier to insert and remove the case, but it will still remain securely connected and protected.

I don't see my device on your list of devices. What gives?

Ahhh, technology. Just like life it keeps trucking along. You can add any IR-controlled electronic device to your remote. Just select/create the room to manage and Add Device. From there, if you can't find your device in our extensive database, you can Add a custom device (button on top, right of App).

I added a device from the database, but the codes don't work.

As extensive as the Surc database is, not all codes may be available. You need to Preview the codes before Saving them. Sometimes only a few buttons are paired to existing codes, and you may need to manually pair the rest.

If you still have trouble, please contact us.

I am having trouble pairing my remote to Surc.

There are several common causes that effect pairing.

  • A weak battery will result in unsuccessful pairing. Make sure you have new / newer batteries installed.
  • Check the charge on your iPhone. Make sure your device is at least half or fully charged.
  • Make sure the LEDs on Surc are pointed at the LEDs on your remote. A close range of about one inch between devices is also helpful.
  • Do NOT press and hold the button on your current device remote. Make sure it is a quick tap - that is all Surc needs to learn the code. (this is especially true for certain brands like Sony)

If you still have trouble, please contact us.

I am trying to pair a FIOS, Comcast or Uverse remote control, but some of the buttons don't work.

Some of the buttons on remote controls like FIOS, Comcast, and Uverse have universal features to control TV's and receivers. They use combo buttons for some of their buttons - most commonly the Power button. That means, they are already sending two or more codes at the same time to turn on/off your cable / satellite and TV simultaneously.

1. create separate remotes for your cable or satellite and TV by trying to find the brands and devices through the SURC device database. You can later create a room remote along with a combo power button.

2. If you still can't find the right codes for your device, you can pair up the other buttons outside of the power button.

We are working to update Surc so it can capture multiple codes from existing remotes.

I am seeing Red (or Blue) lights on top of the Surc app, and it's not working!

Well that can be easily fixed. There are several ways to get back to a happy green-lit Surc app.

  • First make sure that your smart device isn't low on charge.
  • Exit the app by clicking the home button. Double-tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking open apps. Press and hold any icon in the menu to access the delete function. Tap on the Surc app icon to delete it.
  • Remove the Surc case from the iPhone completely. Reinsert it.
  • Turn off the smart device completely. Restart.
  • Worst-case scenario - reinstall the app completely. First delete it from your iPhone, then sync it again from iTunes.